Alien King's Bride - Juno WellsAlien King’s Bride (Science Fiction Alien/BBW Romance)

Emma Dyson is convinced she has the worst dating life in history. All the guys she meets seem to lack basic manners, or they have grooming habits straight out of the stone age. It’s enough to make any young woman give up and move to Antarctica, but then her friend tells her about another option.

The Starry Eyes Agency specializes in finding mail order brides and grooms from Earth for lonely aliens. Maybe that’s the solution to curvy Emma’s problem? When the agency finds a super hot alien warrior for her, one who is a king of a huge empire in the stars and desperately needs a queen to help him create heirs to his throne, it seems that her dating troubles are over.

But there’s a catch or two: The young King Taki’on of the Voril doesn’t know she’s coming. And he has never seen a woman before in his life…

Alien King’s Bride is a science-fiction BBW/alien romance with hot warriors, steamy scenes and a happy ending.

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