Alien General's Wife - Juno Wells & Scarlett GroveAlien General’s Wife: Draconians (Dragon Shifter Scifi BBW BWWM Romance)

He’s her last hope … and she might be his.

A devastated woman …

When Indigo Robertson learns that her name has come up in the Draconian mating lottery, the timing couldn’t be worse. The benevolent dragon shifter aliens need human women to replenish their DNA … but their ancient enemy, the Mulgor, have followed them to Earth and invaded.

The news that she’s been matched with a Draconian warrior comes just after the Mulgor kill Indigo’s entire family. Filled with grief and guilt, she can’t allow herself any happiness. Not even with a seven-foot-tall, sexy as hell dragon shifter.

A determined alien …

Vlosh Torr can’t afford distractions. The highest-ranking officer in the Draconian military, he is charged with driving the Mulgor invaders from Earth. But he cannot resist the lure of his resilient little wife, her sexy curves, and the roar of his inner dragon.

Two crucial battles

Vlosh must fight the Mulgor while he courts a mate who’s fighting her feelings. But when Indigo makes an important discovery, will it mark a turning point in their relationship … and the campaign to protect Earth?

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