Alien Prince's Soulmate - Juno Wells & Tessa ThornAlien Prince’s Soulmate: (SciFi Alien/BBW Pregnancy Romance)

When Maia receives the notice from Galactic Matrimony, she can’t give up the chance to make sure her family is financially set for life. All she has to do is marry a Mirrotirik prince. Taking a flying leap into the unknown, she finds herself the wife of Tal, a cocky, young warrior who isn’t quite ready to be tied down.

Tal loves the thrill of battle and exploring in his warship—babies and marriage aren’t on his radar at all. But when his parents force him to pick a mate, he can’t help but be intrigued by the kind-hearted and beautiful Maia. She might just have the key to winning the war on the colonies, too.

Then Maia finds out about the Mirrotirik’s secret genetic engineering technology and ends up pregnant. Will Tal step up to become the father and husband he needs to be? And can Maia handle her radically different new life?

Find out in Alien Prince’s Soulmate! This romance has plenty of sugar and spice, a sexy alien warrior, and a happy ending.

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