Alien Architect's Bride - Juno Wells & Scarlett GroveAlien Architect’s Bride: Draconians (BWWM Dragon Shifter Scifi Romance)

She survived the destruction of her world, but can she survive him?

A determined woman
Octavia Reynolds is living in a refugee camp in Central Park amidst the ruins of her beloved New York City. She’s one of the only people left who understands what the city needs to rebuild, and feels the weight of that responsibility keenly.

When she finds out that the Draconians–the dragon shifting aliens who came to Earth six years ago to mate with human women–plan to reconstruct her home in a totally unacceptable way, Octavia is furious. She’ll do whatever she can to save what’s left of the city–even mate with an alien.

A man on a mission
Grand Architect Joss Noro has come to Earth on appointment from the president himself. He expects to construct a typical Draconian colony, not have primitive [or uncultured, or unrefined, or ignorant] humans questioning his plans.

Joss rejected love long ago when his first love fell into the mating thrall with another man. When his general tells him he’ll be getting a mate, like it or not, it only makes the already-surly dragon even crankier.

A change of plans
Octavia joins the Draconian mating lottery as a last-chance gamble, hoping she can persuade the architect to listen to reason. She never expects her mate to be the very man she hates the most.

Joss and Octavia butt heads with as much passion as they give each other in the bedroom. But can Joss listen to the words of a backward human female, or will Octavia have to watch her city be destroyed once more?

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