Draconians: Complete Series - Juno Wells & Scarlett GroveDraconians: Complete Series (BWW Dragon Shifter Scifi Romance)

The bestselling series, now in one complete volume!

The Draconians are dragon-shifter aliens who come to Earth looking for women to replenish their DNA. Their arrival sets off a series of events that will transform human/Draconian relations–and eventually, the entire planet.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the Draconian mating lottery matches each dragon shifter with his ideal human woman. Sparks fly and tempers flare as the couples work to bridge their interpersonal and inter-species differences. Each alien and his feisty, curvy mate must also grapple with a host of other problems: forbidden dark technologies, anti-Draconian terrorists, hostile alien invasions, devastating attacks, and more.

The books win praise from readers for their humor, spice, enticing seven-foot-tall warriors, and otherworldly details. For lovers of shapeshifters, sci-fi romance, and paranormal romance, The Draconians is a feast for the imagination.

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