Star Child - Juno Wells & Trina NovakStar Child: A SciFi Alien Romance (Brides of Alluvia)

Who gets pregnant because of a prophecy?

Curvy private investigator Ava Clarke doesn’t believe in fate – but she can’t deny that Asterion, the gorgeous alien she finds bleeding in her backyard, is very, very real. Accepting that she’s his mate, though, is a whole different level of strange. Ava doesn’t even kiss on the first date, let alone run off to another planet to marry an alien who claims their child could save the galaxy.

But spending enough time around sexy Aster might just change her mind – if the secrets he’s keeping don’t frighten her away, and the evil alien warlord on their trail doesn’t kill them first.

Star Child is a standalone BBW Science Fiction Romance featuring a spunky PI who teams up with a drop-dead sexy alien with some amazing extra-terrestrial powers. It’s full of action & adventure, sweetness & steam, no cliffhangers and an HEA.

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