Alien Curvy's Mate - Juno WellsAlien’s Curvy Mate (SciFi Alien Romance)

They say love transcends time…

But ten thousand years is just ridiculous. Abby dreams of something more in her life. She shoots for the stars but is stuck in her dead-end job with a deadbeat boyfriend.

Be careful what you wish for, right? One car accident later and Abby’s embroiled in a plot to save the world from a devious alien army and a romance that started ten thousand years ago. A romance involving one incredibly smokin’ hot alien alpha Commander, Vintares of the Lantarians.

He made a promise he intends to keep…

Awakening from cryo-sleep to find his ship defenseless against the looming alien army, Vintares escapes to Earth. There he finds his fated love, a curvy, luscious human named Abby. Sparks fly, the heat between them scorching. But he’s made a promise to keep the world safe. Their love has to persevere even when their world is about to end.

Bonus Books Included: Alien Prince’s Consort and Mated to the Alien King

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