Thrust Into The Alien's Arms: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Lords of Astria) - Juno WellsThrust Into The Alien’s Arms: A Sci-fi Alien Romance (Lords Of Astria)

Shauna Miller has more on her mind than men. Tired of relationships that go nowhere, she finds a perfect compromise: a sex toy that exists inside her own brain, has gorgeous lavender skin and calls himself Adax.

Little does she know that Adax is not only real, but a real contradiction: an alien of the most manly variety.

Adax’s only dream is to give her pleasure. But his actions have put her into a situation that would lead to anything but: grave danger at the hands of the Dark Nebulan Jag, a lizard-like creature with a throbbing desire to take Shauna for himself.

The Dark Nebulans threaten the peace of the universe and Adax will do anything to win Shauna, the chosen human woman of his heart. After all, he risks his reputation with the Eldazon Council if he fails. .

This is a fun and quick romantic short read.

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