Saved by the Alien Spy - Juno WellsSaved by the Alien Spy: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Lords of Astria)

Steve is just the right kind of guy for astronomer Amelia Arrington — sexy, brilliant, funny, totally in love with Amelia, and… a psychic alien spy from the galaxy of Astria. That kind of throws a wrench in Amelia’s romantic plans.

Unfortunately, the huge and ridiculously gorgeous “Steve” has attracted some unwanted attention from his enemies. And they’re not about to let him get away with claiming his mate and living happily ever after. To save Amelia, he must let her go her own way… and he must return to his home galaxy.

When Amelia is captured by Steve’s enemies, she learns just how far love can reach across space and time. But will it be enough to save her?

This is a standalone romance novella with steamy scenes, a captivating and curvy heroine, and a feel-good HEA ending.

Lords of Astria is a series of standalone books – different characters in the same universe. Read as many as you like, in any order!

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