Trouble: A Soldier of the Union Novella - Juno WellsTrouble: A Soldier of the Union Novella (Sci-Fi Alien Romance)

He knew she was trouble, but he just couldn’t stay away.
Once an admired soldier, the powerful alien Drennan Laral now lives life as a space pirate after suffering a tragic loss. His days filled with thievery and violence, he welcomes the numbness of a life with nothing worth fighting for.

And then he sees her. The human female. Caitlin Oyari.

But with a price tag on her head, he knows she’s nothing but trouble.

Yet her solemn, russet eyes call to him, beg him to be the hero he wished he could have been in a past life.

Yes, he was a man with nothing worth fighting for.

Until he met her.

This stand-alone novella is a steamy sci-fi romance with lots of action and adventure. It features gun fights, chases, a broken but powerful alien soldier and his fight to save and keep his innocent, saucy human woman.

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