Alien Love: 3 Story Bundle - Juno WellsAlien Love: 3 Story Bundle (Sci-Fi Alien Romance)

Alien Love is comprised of 3 steamy sci-fi romance stories featuring powerful alien warriors falling for strong, sassy heroines. Enjoy reading as these dominant alien men from far away worlds claim the special love of a human woman.

Claimed by the Alien King
Gun to her head, Maya would say her life sucked. Her mother thought she was a loser, she had no friends, she hated her job, and her love life…well, what love life? Did men still even exist? It was safe to say that her crappy life could not get any crappier.

Until it did. Sort of. Not really.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where would “I was abducted by a hot alien king” rank?

That was the problem. Abducted meant she didn’t like it. It meant she didn’t want to stay.

But minds can change, and the way this sexy alien man looked at her, the way his strong hands felt on her body…


She could never leave.

In Josie’s family, ‘pulling a Josie’ meant becoming a major screw up. Yep. She was the idiot who dropped out of law school to clean other people’s houses.

Still, Josie doesn’t believe herself a failure. She lives a life of simplicity and sameness with her cat.

Then Torgan shows up, his skin a luminescent silver, a being out of this world.

He seeks a purpose on Earth. He seeks a guide.

But what he wants most of all is to make Josie his.

Trouble: A Soldier of the Union
He knew she was trouble, but he just couldn’t stay away.

Once an admired soldier, the powerful alien Drennan Laral now lives life as a space pirate after suffering a tragic loss. His days filled with thievery and violence, he welcomes the numbness of a life with nothing worth fighting for.

And then he sees her. The human female. Caitlin Oyari.

But with a price tag on her head, he knows she’s nothing but trouble.

Yet her solemn, russet eyes call to him, beg him to be the hero he wished he could have been in a past life.

Yes, he was a man with nothing worth fighting for.

Until he met her.

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